All Life Is Maintenance

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When I was young, my mother used to say, “All life is maintenance.” At the time I didn’t really understand, and I would think, "Oh, so boring." Yet over time I learned she was right. Our lives need regular pruning and adjusting so we can maintain balance and harmony.

There are times when everything falls into place; days where you are brilliant and attentive, and where you can go full-out -- up tempo, up tempo. For me especially, I like to operate at a very high level, but I get discouraged when I can’t stay there. Simple decisions are a challenge. Can you relate?

Back in the 1970s it was popular to track your biorhythms, the natural body rhythms of each day. I used to do this for my late husband Ted and I, and that practice made me realize my mother’s words were true. We each have intellectual, physical and emotional cycles that ebb and flow. For a productive, happy life, we have to be attentive to maintenance of ourselves, our thoughts and our actions.

These ideas were part of a wonderful conversation I had with Lisa Thompson during a recent episode of Junia Doan’s The Spark. Lisa is the founder of Self Love Beauty. She has excellent words of wisdom, so if you missed the show, be sure to watch now. And as you go about your day, join me in being kinder to yourself and understanding that all life is maintenance.