What Can We Learn from a Racecar?

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My good friend Michele once told me I have "ambitious curiosity". I think it means I'll try (almost) anything once! In that spirit, I tried my hand at changing a lugnut on a NASCAR racecar simulator that was brought to Dow Diamond in Midland, as part of MATRIX:MIDLAND Festival Science of Speed. Thank you, Dow.

The simple joy of being a mechanic for a minute reminded my why it's so important to try new experiences. It's about showing up in life, and approaching everything, even the ordinary, with wonderment and curiosity.

Racing has not been part of my everyday experience, but a NASCAR driver has much to teach us about speed and intensity and the thrill of driving almost 200 mph around an oval track for 4 hours. We can apply that kind of curiosity and focus to anything in our lives.

Everyone around us has something to teach us, if we get curious. Will you make curiosity a part of your everyday life? Try it! I hope you do. You might enjoy a lot more fun in life.