Every Year Gets Better and Better

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With each birthday, you ascend to wisdom in a sense.

May 21 is my birthday. My late husband Ted once said to me on this day, “every year gets better and better.” His words come to me now as I do what many people do on their birthday … reflect on the past year and look forward to the future.

Thoughts that come to mind today center around insight … perception … peace. I believe we can all ascend to wisdom as we age. Our lives come into focus. We live more in a state of grace, more content with who we are and less likely to be sidetracked by the more trivial things of life.

And I count my blessings, for the many significant and varied relationships in my life. For how wonderful it is to smell Spring. For having a life where everything has come into focus. The unexpected blessing of aging is that it’s intoxicating. The things that are unimportant peel off and you become more the essence of who you are.

On this May 21, I wish all of you the same contentment and peace I have on my birthday. I hope your journey offers many ways to find your own state of grace, to be alive, and if it doesn’t, maybe you can choose a different path.

Happy Birthday to everyone who shares this day with me, especially my dear friend Barbara.