Dancing Through Life

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One time, my husband Ted and I were in the south of France. We had lunch at beautiful restaurant inside an elegant hotel overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Everything was perfect, if perfect is possible. The light reflected off the Mediterranean Sea in bright, rapid, glistening ripples. The sea bass was sublime. We were deeply in love.

The experience was so arresting and memorable, that I suggested we go back the next day. Sadly, the enchantment and feeling were not as good the second time. The Mediterranean was expansive and bold, but it didn't glimmer as brightly. The loup de mer (sea bass) fell short.

I learned that day that every moment is separate and can never be relived exactly as it was. We can only live what is happening now. When we attempt to recreate moments in time, we often miss out on what we are supposed to experience.

I think we are different every day and almost every moment, in fact. If everything looks the same, we lose the ability to dance in life. I like the feeling that I'm dancing through life, even the mundane can be made alive.

How will you dance through your day?